Dreamy Egg Salad

About a month ago Nate and I were in a hurry to get to the movies (Revolutionary Road - so good!) and needed to have a quick lunch so we stopped into Ashkenaz Deli in the Gold Coast at 12 East Cedar. I used to work in a Jewish deli and I love delis so I was pretty excited. I scanned the deli case for my lunch choices and picked an egg salad sandwich. It just looked so good. Unfortunately, it was not. It was so salty and the consistency of the bread didn't help either. Nate tried it and agreed.

I love egg salad sandwiches. I make a good one, but the best I've ever had is at Uncle Abe's Deli in the Loop at 136 S Franklin. As I threw my Ashkenaz Deli sandwich away and made a mental note to get popcorn at the movies, I told Nate that we would be going to Uncle Abe's Deli by the end of the month because I just had to rectify this egg salad situation.

So, last Wednesday I met Nate for lunch. Uncle Abe's Deli is not a sit-down restaurant, but a true deli and the set-up kind of looks like the set-up at the Soup Nazi's from Seinfield. Fortunately, it is tucked inside the Marquette Inn and since Nate was ordering off that menu, we were able to sit down while I ate my egg salad sanwich. I hadn't had it in 2 years and the taste was still perfect - so dreamy. My sandwich was just salty enough, the texture was creamy and it was delicious. The salad looks like soft yellow clouds and it is just as light, too. I advise you to get downtown and order your egg salad sandwich from Uncle Abe's soon. And go hungry because a big cup of soup comes with your meal. Enjoy!


  1. Uncle Abe's lunch special is the best in town. Sandwich, soup and a drink for one low price. Good stuff!

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  3. OMGosh...I LOooooove egg salad and have been looking for a good egg salad in the city...but alas...NOTHING. BOO! We did have an egg salad at Goddess and Grocer...and although it was not bad, it just lacked the oh-so-yummy balance of firm consistancy, salty-yolky goodness, and soft, white yummy bread. Ahh....Thank you Ms. I can NOT wait to try the deliciousness that awaits at Uncle Abe's :)

  4. Cherri - I will bring it to you if you like. I used to eat it several times/month and now it's quite rare since I'm not downtown. So, if you want a delivery, I would consider it in my best interest (I would get a sandwich, too!)