NRA Show = Gluttony

Last weekend my friend offered Nate and I tickets to the Natioanl Restaurant Association (NRA) Show. Always curious about this exhibition, we headed down to McCormick Place to see what the event was all about. If you are not familiar with the NRA, it is an association that markets to restaurants and others in the food industry. Restaurateurs, managers, caterers, buyers and the like attend to learn about products such as food, to-go containers, and ovens.

People like Nate & I go to eat all the samples and pretend that we are learning about the products. A large majority of the vendors have samples whether they are selling food or selling griddles on which you cook the food. This means that we walked up and down the aisles sampling almost all that there was to offer.

Between us we ate fried shrimp, noodle-wrapped shrimp, sorbet, fried fish, maki, tuna tartare, lamb chops, ice cream, cheese, smoked salmon bisque, Manhattan clam chowder, crackers, falafel, funnel cake fries, sweet potato fries, waffle fries, black bean burger, pastas, hot dogs, pretzels, ravioli, pizza, and prime rib. We also drank a bloody mary, fruit juices, coffee, smoothies, some kind of colada, amber lager, regular lager and almost every type of wine.

While the food was not top quality or something to write home about, spending a highly indulgent afternoon with my husband was time well spent. After 4 hours of the show, I finally called mercy and begged Nate to take me home. I've always been curious about the restaurant show and now I've been there, ate that.

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