To Do: Relax

Often, on Saturday or Sunday mornings, we wake up with very good intentions. "Let's exercise, go to a movie, clean the house, organize the closets, put up the rhubarb (okay, that's just me), finish our to-do list" - you get the picture. But what usually happens is that we half attempt to clean up or organize things and the other half of our attempt is spent reading or watching Food Network. In summary, we didn't really relax and we didn't really accomplish anything.

My husband has solved this problem by adding 'Relax' to our to-do list. The other morning when I woke up and started suggesting all the things that we could do, he turned down all my ideas and told me me to brush my teeth and grab a book.

I was delighted to find out that he wanted us to put all of our efforts into relaxing and chose La Sera Cafe on Wells and Division as our conduit for this exercise. Upon entering, we snagged the soft, leather love seat and ordered our coffees. They serve Julius Meinl coffee in cups and saucers and I used my cute little spoon to help myself to the delicious foam on the top of my coffee.

We had been to La Sera in the past for brunch (great menu, especially the mushroom and bleu cheese omelet) and would highly recommend it as a place for a satisfying and well-prepared bite to eat. Now we know we can also recommend it as a place to relax and lose yourself in a good book or one of their many magazines. Our server did not hurry us out the door and refilled our waters regularly after our coffee was done without trying to push us to order more to bolster the bill.

I'm so glad that Nate added 'relaxing' to our to-do list. It's the easiest item to check off which makes you feel like you've accomplished something. And with a great cafe like La Sera Cafe that serves good coffee,I even leave with a nice caffeine buzz that gets me started on the rest of my list!

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