Cream from Blue Marble Family Farm

I have a confession to make. It's one for which I am proud. I use real cream. REAL CREAM. I do make some exceptions, but for the most part I believe in this full-fat full-glory ingredient. I realize that there are calories and fat to consider, but I also have to consider my taste buds and they're very important to me!

Typically, I buy cream from Blue Marble Family Farm when I go to the Green City Market in Lincoln Park. This farm manages its dairy, pasteurizes its milk and bottles it all onsite. It guarantees its ingredients and its freshness. And, I fell for the old-fashioned bottles that contain their products. These bottles come with a $3 fee which is reimbursed upon return.

In short, I feel good buying their products. Both my conscience and my belly are glad that they deliver from their farm in Wisconson to my market in the middle of the city.

Last night I boiled Yukon potatoes until tender and added in butter and cream. I mashed this with a pastry blender because we wanted chunky potatoes. When the potatoes were mashed appropriately and I had a soft yellow blended hue in my pot, I added salt, pepper and sliced purple scallions.

Simple, rich and creamy......

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