Green City Market

I love this city - it has so much to offer! Today I took advantage of one of Chicago's best assets, the Green City Market. This market runs every Wednesday and Sunday through 12/20. Then, during the winter months it will be every other Sunday.

This is my favorite city market. I walked into the tent today that is next to the Peggy Notebaert Museum and it was packed with producers, vendors and shoppers. The executive chef at Peninsula was doing the cooking demonstration and sharing tips on how to make purees. I grabbed a cup of coffee (donated by Intelligentsia Cafe) and walked around the entire tent to get a good feel for which vendors had which products. I had a few things in mind to make this week and wanted to see which chard looked the best and who still had arugula.

I began to purchase and had a great time, as I do every week. I talked to the vendors, I learned about produce and how to cook elk meat. Each producer offers quality products and great ideas on how to serve these items. Buzzed from my coffee and the crowd, I left the market happy and with my bags full of:

1 carton of eggs from Mint Creek Farms
Baby arugula and shallots from Nichols Farm & Orchard
Elk burgers from Heritage Farms
Pork shoulder from Twin Oaks Meat
Cream and buttermilk from Blue Marble Family Farm
And from a variety of vendors - acorn squash, carrots, brussel sprouts, red chard, kale, yukon potatoes and celery root

It's going to be a yummy week!

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