Unfortunately, my cold will not go away so I decided to stay inside and keep warm all day today. This means that I needed to rely on my pantry for my dinner.

I had an acorn squash from Nichols Farms I had been wanting to use for a few weeks so I perused Chowhound and found a recipe for Roasted Acorn Squash with Wild Rice Stuffing.

I scanned the ingredient list and on my counter I had shallots and cipollini onions. My refrigerator offered celery, butter and thyme. In my cabinet I found wild rice, pecans, dried craisins, and brown sugar. I was set! No need to run to the grocery store.

As the sky darkened outside, I began making this dish. An hour later my timer went off. I could barely wait for the pretty acorn halves stuffed with a sweet and savory stuffing to cool down! Once they did, I dug in and found myself so happy I decided to stay in today -- this was a true comfort dish!

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