Classic Caesar.....With an Edge

Saturday night we had company from Texas and our friend's only request was to not go to a steak house or a chain restaurant. I didn't feel very challenged by his simple request but I diligently did my research and decided to go to Blue 13. This is a newer restaurant in River North at 416 West Ontario. I picked it because I had read that its atmosphere was upscale yet laid back and had a rock 'n roll vibe that we would enjoy. I was right!

The guys were more than pleased with their dishes. Nate's Steak on Acid was prepared well and the presentation was unique. I tasted our friend's Drunken Short Ribs and found that the meat literally melted on my tongue.

I had read online that these dishes were excellent, but when I chose the restaurant I didn't know that the service would be the best I had received in the city.....and the Caesar salad rocked even more than the music.

I love Caesar salad and appreciate the classic version as you've probably already read. I am, though, always open to new ideas and this one was presented in a unique and utterly delicious way.

The Romaine lettuces were grilled which made the entire dish edgy....and yummy. And what made this dish remarkable for me were the croutons, which were called 'Camel Eye Croutons'. They were crunchy and crispy and inside each of these croutons was a quail's egg. When I cut into the them the yolk of the egg spilled out, still warm, and that added a decadent depth to my salad.

I have been thinking about this salad since Saturday night and I am going to have to return. Let me know if you want me to include you in the reservation.

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