Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchiladas

Every Monday during Bachelor season on ABC, my college roommate, Carla, comes over for dinner and some trashy TV. When this tradition started, I used to serve her leftovers from our Sunday night dinner or I'd make a simple salad and some grilled veggies. Grabbing what was in my pantry or refrigerator all changed last year.

In the fall Carla started making requests for her dinner the following week. While she was over she would flip through my cooking magazines and identify what appealed to her. It started with a Bon Appetit smashed rutabaga recipe and since then I've carefully shopped and made various dishes for Carla.

When I emailed her to invite her to the premiere of this new season, she responded within 30 seconds stating that she would like for me to make Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchiladas. When I started researching the recipe, I asked her where she had tried this dish. Carla had tasted a burrito at the Bongo Room in Bucktown that had similar ingredients. Not seeing a solid recipe online, I went ahead and created my own.

The enchiladas turned out wonderfully. The filling was savory with the hint of sweet potato sweetness and it was encased in pillowy flour tortillas. The salsa verde sauce had a moderate heat that made the chocolate pudding we had for dessert a nice finish.

I sent her home with the one leftover enchilada for her husband. Based on Carla's sly grin, I am not so confident it will end up in his hands.........

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