After New Mexico, we decided to spend a few relaxing days in Arizona. Our first stop was in Rio Rico, which is about 10 minutes north of the Mexican border city, Nogales. We carefully drove through a heavy monsoon to get there. Once we arrived, the weather thankfully cleared for us. After our travels, we were thrilled to stop at a resort, take a dip, and have a long dinner while watching the sun set behind the mountains on the Santa Cruz River Valley.

The next morning we headed north a few miles. I dropped Nate off in the Coronado Mountains National Park. I did not join him on his hike due to the rumors that bears were to be found in this park. I did, however, appreciate the gorgeous drive up through the park and have shared a photo with you here.

While he dealt with the bears and the incline on his hike, I headed down to Tubac, an artist colony founded in 1752. I wish I had spent more time here. There were so many studios and shops and I found it charming that there are still mainly dirt roads in the center of town. Because of the many recommendations I received, I headed up to the country club for lunch. I wished I had stayed in the center of town! If you are ever in this neck of Arizona's desert, I would recommend that you have lunch at Sheila's, whose menu was more approachable than the club's and also you would be able to dine in the atmosphere of the art studios rather than a tourist's golf course.

After lunch, we headed north to Tucson, stopping for a beer and a snack near the University of Arizona. Our next stop was further north, Peoria, Arizona which is just outside Phoenix. Nate's aunt and uncle live there and for two nights we relaxed, swam, drank beers and tried to stay cool in the desert heat.
Those few days in Arizona were a nice break from travelling and left us refreshed for our final destination: California!

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