Miami, Oklahoma

On our way to Dallas, Texas we stopped in Miami, Oklahoma. Usually when I hear Miami, I think of palm trees, well-known restaurants, bikinis, and Horatio from CSI: Miami.

Now that I've been through Miami, Oklahoma, when I hear Miami, I will think of dive restaurants, dust, friendly people and good catfish!

When we passed over the Missouri border, we stopped at the Oklahoma Welcome Center and asked for a recommendation from the woman at the desk. We cautiously took her advice and pulled into a little dive connected to the Best Western.

The restaurant looked like a movie set from Thelma & Louise, a dingy little diner that had seen better days. I requested the salad bar and Nate ordered the catfish, hoping for the best.

The catfish was a surprising treat. I would have expected a greasy, fried fillet, but this restaurant served it with a cornmeal crust. It was dry and crumbly and tasty on the outside, while the inside remained moist and salty. Needless to say, we were surprised to find such a flavorful treat!

If you're going through Miami, Oklahoma, head on over to this little dive with excellent catfish...

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