Kaze Sushi.....Last supper

I'm looking forward to an exciting summer. Nate's client is in L.A. so we are going to relocate there for the summer and stay in Westwood Village.

We love Chicago and the summer is a time of year that we are sorry to miss. I'm going to miss the festivals, my friends and my neighbors. But, the lack of humidity gives L.A. its edge so westward we will head.

For our last Chicago supper with friends, we chose to go to Kaze Sushi in Roscoe Village. I had been there in the winter and since Tsunami has closed (boo-hoo) this is my new favorite sushi house. It is not a flashy address and you might even pass it if you were not specifically seeking it. The interior decor is also unassuming, which helps you focus on the creativity and the quality of the dinner.

We ordered appetizers, nigiri, sashimi, hot entrees, soup, and dessert. Every dish is interesting and flavorful. The big-eyed tuna appetizer simply melts in your mouth. My asparagus soup was delicious and creamy and the addition of goose liver made it intense and deep. I had to share with my fellow diners.

I know that I will have excellent sushi in L.A. but right now Kaze Sushi is my standard and the west coast sushi restaurants will have to try hard to meet this standard!

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